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3d effect

3d effect

psdto3d108 version
lenticular software. (free 9 days)

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Main function:
It is being used to make 3d photo which have strong 3d depth effect and high definition, easy to operate, will be 80% time-saving

1. Support psd layer movement, 3D and FLIP can be combined together, single psd layer can be converted to 3D through drawline function
2. Modify layer drawline, such as, move, zoom, different layers can move, cut, paste, zoom, point can move, add or delete
3. Angles can be 999, 2d to 3d conversion is more smooth, operation speed is faster
4. Can import large size PSD file, increase the 3d photo resolution from the beginning, you can make large 3d photo quickly even on a common computer
5. Output big size 40GB TIFF file , support compressing vertically.
6. Support 3d page steup, midline can be aligned automatically, when there are many pieces 3d photos on 1 layout, then each 3d photo midline will be aligned automatically to lenticular sheet midline
7. Support CMYK and RGB, when doing 3d UV offset printing, no necessary to convert color, no loss. Support circulatory pattern so that make high definition 3D background easily
8. Support outputting PSD sequence photos so that it is convenient to make gallery or photoshop processing
9. Support outputting gif file, red-blue bmp file, it is convenient for customers to check 3d effect and to show on the internet
10. Show displacement automatically, single layer drawline can exceed 2cm over the edge
11. Set depth in single layer drawline, you can adjust depth and 3d effect of this single layer
12. The whole depth and each layer displacement are independent, you can change them independently, when you find the 3d depth is strong enough or weak enough, you just need to increase or decrease the whole depth, then will be ok. The whole depth x layer displacement= actual displacement
13. Before the whole preview, there is no necessary to do each layer preview. When the drawlined layers is more, the whole preview function can be time-saving and simplify operation
14. Can save all the parameters so that modify easily in the future
15. No need USB key, you can design 3d photo and save parameters after download software freely, only when you merge 3d photo and output tiff, then need to charge fee
16. When free time period passed, if no recharge, you can only design and save, after recharging, you can merge photo and output.

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